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The endpoint for searching products is Search. It's an OData action and only accessible through the POST method.

POST http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products/Search?q=notebook

The API expect the same query string parameters used for searching in the shop frontend. The following table shows query string parameters that can be used for searching products.

qSearch term.
iPage index.
sPage size.
oOrder by. ProductSortingEnum value.
pPrice range (from-to || from(-) || -to).
cCategory identifiers.
mManufacturer identifiers.
rMinimum rating. Value from 1 to 5.
aProduct availability by stock.
nNew arrivals.
dDelivery time identifiers.
*Variants & attributes. Mega Search Plus plugin required.
vView mode. Has no relevance for the API.


Paging parameter $top and $skip are ignored. Instead use the above query string parameters for page index and page size. The maximum page size is determined  by the same configuration setting that is used for all other API requests. Its default value is 120.

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