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You can manage multiple stores in SmartStore.NET by navigating to Configuration > Stores. For more information about working with multiple stores, read the topic Working with Multiple Stores.

The Store Details View 

250px|Input FieldDescription
Store LogoThe logo of your shop. This logo will be displayed globally in the header section of your shop as well as in e-mails, pdf documents, etc.
Store NameThe name of your store. It will be used in several instances e.g. to create meta-titles or to be displayed as the headline of your physical shop address.
Store URLThe URL of your store e.g.
Content Delivery Network URLThe URL of your CDN, e.g. or Setting this value will allow the site to serve static content such as media through the CDN.
SSL enabledCheck the box if you want your store to be SSL secured.
HOST valuesThe comma-separated list of possible HTTP_POST values (e.g. ","). This property is required only when you have a multi-store solution to determine the current store.
ID of HTML bodyAllows the use of the individual CSS and javascript for a store.
Display orderThe display order for this store. 1 represents the top of the list.
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