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Getting a product with name "SmartStore eBay SmartSeller"

GET http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products?$top=1&$filter=Name eq 'SmartStore eBay SmartSeller'

Get child products of group product with ID 210

GET http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products?$top=120&$filter=ParentGroupedProductId eq 210

Get final price of product with ID 211

POST http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products(211)/FinalPrice 

 Note the post method. There is a second action, LowestPrice, which returns the lowest possible price for a product.

Assign category with ID 9 to product with ID 1

POST http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products(1)/ProductCategories(9)

Assign manufacturer with ID 12 to product with ID 1

POST http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products(1)/ProductManufacturers(12)
  • The request content is optional.
  • Use the DELETE method to remove an assignment.
  • Omit the category/manufacturer identifier if you want to remove all related assignments for a product.
  • It doesn't matter if one of the assignments already exists. The Web API automatically ensures that a product has no duplicate categories or manufacturer assignments.
  • Such navigation links are only available for a few navigation properties at the moment.

Delete picture with ID 66 of product with ID 1

DELETE http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products(1)/ProductPictures(66)

Delete all product pictures for the product with ID 1

DELETE http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Products(1)/ProductPictures(0)

Update display order of product picture with ID 80

PATCH http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/ProductPictures(80)

Note 80 is the ID of the product picture entity, not the ID of the picture entity. Product picture is a mapping entity between a product and a picture.


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