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If you're running a store, there are several occasions when you need to notify customers about a certain action that has occurred. For instance, when an order has been placed, customers need to get a notification, otherwise they will wonder whether or not the order has been placed successfully. The shop administrator also needs to be informed instantly. Therefore, SmartStore.NET sends e-mails automatically. To do so, you need to configure at least one e-mail account in SmartStore.NET from which emails can be sent. You can set up e-mail accounts by navigating to Configuration > E-mail Accounts, where you can create an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and assign them to different message templates. For more information how to assign an e-mail account to a certain message template, read the topic Setting up Email Accounts.

Setting up an E-mail Account

Where do I get the neccessary data?

The data that must be entered in the fields described below will usually be sent to you when you book a hosting package. You can also obtain this data by logging into the configuration area of your hosting package on the website of your provider. Check the e-mail configuration area. If you can't find the information contact your provider.

E-mail AddressThis is the from address for all outgoing e-mails from your store e.g. ''.
E-mail Display NameThis is the friendly display name for outgoing e-mails from your store e.g. 'Your Store Sales Department'.
HostThis is the host name or IP address of your mail server. You can normally get this data from your ISP or web host.
PortThis is the SMTP port of your mail server. This is usually port 25.
UserThis is the user name you use to authenticate yourself at your mail server.
PasswordThis is the password you use to authenticate yourself at your mail server
SSLCheck the box to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the SMTP connection.
Use Default CredentialsCheck to use default credentials for the connection.

Send a test e-mail

Once you've configured an e-mail account, you should test whether the data you've entered is correct by sending a test e-mail. If an e-mail can be sent to the e-mail address you've entered in the Send Email To field, you can be sure the account has been configured correctly.

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