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This is the default value for the category name that's also shown to the shop visitor in the frontend of your shop, as long as you haven't entered differing values for other languages.

For more information about languages, see the topic Managing Languages.

DescriptionThis is the default value for the category description that is shown to the shop visitor in the frontend of your shop. The description field is also multi-language enabled.
AliasAn optional, language-neutral reference name for internal use.
Category Template

The category template defines how the category and its products will be displayed to the shop visitor.

PictureThis picture will be shown in the frontend wherever categories are shown in an overview e.g. the overview of subcategories within a parent category.
Parent CategoryYou can select the parent category here.
Price Ranges

Define the price ranges for the store price range filter. Separate ranges with a semicolon e.g. ‘0-199;200-300;301;’ (301- means 301 and over). This setting affects the Filter Sidebar Widget, which will be displayed on the right side of every category. For more information about the Filter Sidebar Widget, read the topic Understanding the Filter Sidebar Widget.

Show on Home PageDefines whether the category will be shown on the start page of your shop. The categories that are defined to be shown on the homepage will be displayed right below the introductory text on the start page.
PublishedDefines whether this category is visible to your shop visitors.
Display OrderDefines the display order in which the categories are ordered within their parent category. The display order will automatically be adjusted when ordering your categories within the tree view explained above.