Get return requests for customer with ID 1

GET http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Customers(1)/ReturnRequests?$top=25&$inlinecount=allpages

Note the inlinecount option which tells OData to return an odata.count value with the total count of matching entities in the response.

Get e-mail address of customer with ID 1

GET http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Customers(1)/Email

Get customer role mappings of customer with ID 1

GET http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Customers(1)/CustomerRoleMappings

Assign address with ID 10 to customer with ID 1

POST http://localhost:1260/odata/v1/Customers(1)/Addresses(10)

Use the DELETE method to remove an assignment. Omit the address identifier if you want to remove all address assignments for a customer.

It doesn't matter if one of the assignments already exists. The Web API automatically ensures that a product has no duplicate address assignments.

Such navigation links are only available for a few navigation properties at the moment.